Beautiful Me A poem by Oluwadarasimi

I woke up today

With the sun shinning so bright in my face

I got curious and asked it

Why,Sun,do you shine so bright this morning

It replied,

“I speak to a beautiful fellow

Now tell me why I won’t shine so bright”

I blushed hard as I went over to the cloud

Who seemed so happy and gay

I asked,

Why do you seem so happy today?

It replied,

“I’m going to cause rain on a special someone  today;

A special someone who is standing right in front of me”.

I felt so special as i walked on

I went to the tree whose leaves were swaying merrily to and fro

I asked,

“Why do you swing your leaves so merrily today?”

It replied,

“Someone beautiful talks to me now;that makes me very merry”

I couldn’t hide my happiness as I walked on

Then I saw LOVE! What a pleasant surprise, I thought.

It looked happy, so i asked,

“What makes you so happy today?”

“I dwell in someone’s heart,

someone whose smile dissolves

every sadness and pain.

She smiles to me now.”

Of course, I was smiling to her.

“Awwnn!” I said as I hugged her  tightly.

Beautiful,Beautiful me, I said as I walked on

Beautiful me in my own way

Beautiful Dara Beautiful me


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