The Story of my Life A poem by Oluwadarasimi

The story of my life is insecurity

And confusion of me, the minority

Its not to be taken with levity

In fact, its getting to insanity

Hate to admit,I was the great fool

Trust me, that’s not really cool

All I know is I loved some cool dude

And all other hands became cold

Why did you all do this to me?

I’m confused, I don’t even have the key

To open and get back my D

My life and me

So into you, I forgot myself

Tears well up in my eyes, I hate myself

My heart bleeds and calls for help

I left myself like a book left the shelf

Why aren’t you here?

Cos you’re meant to hear

That my heart is no longer flying happily like a kite

Instead,its heavy with darkness like the night

But I’ll try with all my might

To make this darkness become white

Please bring my soul to your shinning light

Make it very fast and bright

Else, I’ll lose my sight

To the prolonged delay of light

Be my focus, please

And let all these storms finally cease.


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