A Street Called World A Poem by Oluwadarasimi

I rolled, bumped, cried into the street

The street all sperms race for

Where all craves to walk through

Accepted by family and friends

I was so happy, I thought

Nothing negative could happen,

Well, nothing negative did

Everything negative rather did

I walked into this street

To tell, it was dark and cold,

Gray and dry

Contrary to what i thought

It was large and big,

Yet, so little

Wide and enormous,

Yet narrow,

So good,

Yet, so bad

Always revolving,

Never ending

I walked these paths furthermore,

When i discovered

The streets gad staircases

As you stepped on one,

Another appeared,

Not only that,

As each was being stepped on,

One would notice a sack on his hands

On it was the tag “PROBLEMS”

Some sacks big,

Others small.

I began to climb,

I had only climbed two steps,

When a Charming friend came to me

And pulled me back down,

Only then did I notice she wasn’t exactly a friend

Thus, I left her and went back

To climb again

I noticed, my sacks of problems got heavier

As i climbed on

Will, I continued climbing,

Again, I had only climbed two steps further,

When family came after me

I fell again

Being emotionally affected

I got up, and started again

Determined to climb again

As many stairs as possible

I had only climbed four steps

Apart from my first four

When people of the street called World

Came after me,

And shouted: “Must you climb?”

“Can’t you stay down where everyone is?”

I was confused,

So I fell down again

I listened to them

Agreed to stay and remain on the ground like everyone

After all, it wasn’t compulsory I climbed

Only then did i look up,

And saw a whole lot of people

Up,having climbed lots of stairs successfully

Ignoring the criticisms made to them

Living happily and comfortably,

There and then , I thought

Why should people live happily up there,

And I remain here?

I would rather join them,

I concluded.

So I  started climbing,

To tell you,

A multitude came after me,

My sacks didn’t help either

Getting heavier and heavier

Threatening to make me fall

Not only fall,

Fall and crash,

But I didn’t care

I continued climbing

Moving forward

And stepping higher

Until I finally found happiness

Now, I’m up,

And I see the whole street,

The whole street called World

I see t clearly, without stress

And live like a King

I really only had to continue climbing

And make the sacks lighter

By ignoring all sorts of criticisms

And unfair remarks,

Just moving on,

Knowing I’ll get there one day

I only had to climb

To see the famous Street

And have it right in my palm

I only needed to climb,

Just like you really need to!!!



7 Replies to “A Street Called World A Poem by Oluwadarasimi”

  1. Hmm. So I stumbled on this. Wow let me just ask this simple question. Dara where have you been hiding this talent and this blog?!… This is brilliant keep it up


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