Hi Guys! I wrote this poem about two years ago. And flipping through my poem book, I decided it’ll be a good idea to just drop it here. I hope you enjoy!

“I love hearing you laugh”,he said.
“You don’t laugh often.
Sometimes,I think you’re a very sad girl”.
He was right,I realized.
I have been sad for a long, long time.
I had been starved of love,
And affection,
For so long,
That I forgot what it felt like.
I had refused to let anyone in,
Afraid to be hurt again.
But this boy, holding my hand,
Was stripping me of my armour
Bit by bit.
It scared me.


All I knew was I liked this boy.
And it had been long I liked someone.
“All I can think about,
Is how to make you smile”,he continued.
“Not the fake ones you give to be polite,
The real smile;
Where your eyes light up,
And your lips stretch to your ears”.
My ears were ringing.
Who is this nigga?
What was he trying to say?
He looked at me in the eye,
Like he could see my soul.
It scared me.


If he truly loved me,
Would he keep loving me?
What if he suddenly stopped?
And became a beast?
What was I going to do?
And then,he kissed me.
Oh, his kisses.
They were like chocolate cake
Topped with chocolate fudge sauce,
And vanilla ice cream,
Leaving me with the crave for more.
It scared me.


Then I decided,
I was going to be with this one
They say people love others,
Not for who they are
But for how they make them feel.
Yup, he made me feel rare and special.
Like I was the only one his eyes
Were created for.
And admist my thinking and mind racing,
His mouth claimed my lips in abandon.
Gone was the butterfly kisses,
The teasing, the coaxing,
This was a branding.
“I own you”,
His kiss said.



Bye Babies!


5 Replies to “SCARED”

    1. Very beautiful indeed. And I’m nt just saying this because I know you. This is very nice… Mind reading… Expressive… In short… wonderful


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