I could stop.
Everything is so tough and uneasy,
Pleasure, very Minuit,
The race is becoming tiring,
I could stop running if I wanted to,
And forget all I was ever running to achieve,
And no one would question me,
Not a single soul.

I could stop

But if I stop,
I stop and sit,
Of what would be my very existence?
Would I just join the multitude?
Those who had given up?
Those who had great beginnings
But no ends?
Those who now cheer for the brave ones up there?
Do I sit and watch those who persevere
Become celebrated and admired?
Should I indeed forgo my goals
Because the road is merely tough?
So much questions,
Few answers,
Simple answers,precisely.
I never want any of that, never.

I could stop

So I humbly, prayerfully, admirably,
Courageously, bodly,
Take my steps,
I’ll run and not be weary,
I’ll climb the mountains and not fall,
I’ll pass hurdles and barriers,
And still be dauntless,
And one day,
One day,my dear friend,
I’ll stop running,
Because there’s no more road to run on
Because I’m at the peak,
The peak of my glorious destiny,
And I’ll be celebrated and admired,
I’ll forget all my pains ,tears and worries
Through the long journey,
I shall rejoice,
And I’ll have many stories,
Many stories to tell.



2 Replies to “I COULD STOP.”

  1. When things are getting tough great things are coming around. Just keep on doing what you are doing your time is near, not the church type tho just got faith.


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