When life gets in the way, 

And all hope seems lost for me

I’ll still be waiting for you

When all friends turn their backs on me

Because “you’re being insensitive”

I’ll still be waiting for you 

When I’m classified as a nonetity

By the African society

With nobody as a spouse

I’ll still be waiting for you 

When everyone gets married 

And the both of us haven’t even met

Dear crush, I’ll still be waiting for you.

Each night, I dream of us cuddling together,  

When we get married of course

I envisage us laughing and mocking each other

Only because we are fools in love

I see us chasing each other

Or rather you chasing me

Under the coconut tree

At Elegushi Beach

I see us being nominated for couple of the year

With so much love and happiness around us

And when the children come,

I see us being the parents they could ever wish for

How I envisage  the day you’ll cry

Seeing me walk down the aisle to be yours

And later lifting me up

Because I’m the best thing that has ever happened to you.

You own my life;

And the way it is in my dreams, 

I own yours too.

So if you could do us the favour,

Come home to your darling soon.