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A Street Called World A Poem by Oluwadarasimi

I rolled, bumped, cried into the street

The street all sperms race for

Where all craves to walk through

Accepted by family and friends

I was so happy, I thought

Nothing negative could happen,

Well, nothing negative did

Everything negative rather did

I walked into this street

To tell, it was dark and cold,

Gray and dry

Contrary to what i thought

It was large and big,

Yet, so little

Wide and enormous,

Yet narrow,

So good,

Yet, so bad

Always revolving,

Never ending

I walked these paths furthermore,

When i discovered

The streets gad staircases

As you stepped on one,

Another appeared,

Not only that,

As each was being stepped on,

One would notice a sack on his hands

On it was the tag “PROBLEMS”

Some sacks big,

Others small.

I began to climb,

I had only climbed two steps,

When a Charming friend came to me

And pulled me back down,

Only then did I notice she wasn’t exactly a friend

Thus, I left her and went back

To climb again

I noticed, my sacks of problems got heavier

As i climbed on

Will, I continued climbing,

Again, I had only climbed two steps further,

When family came after me

I fell again

Being emotionally affected

I got up, and started again

Determined to climb again

As many stairs as possible

I had only climbed four steps

Apart from my first four

When people of the street called World

Came after me,

And shouted: “Must you climb?”

“Can’t you stay down where everyone is?”

I was confused,

So I fell down again

I listened to them

Agreed to stay and remain on the ground like everyone

After all, it wasn’t compulsory I climbed

Only then did i look up,

And saw a whole lot of people

Up,having climbed lots of stairs successfully

Ignoring the criticisms made to them

Living happily and comfortably,

There and then , I thought

Why should people live happily up there,

And I remain here?

I would rather join them,

I concluded.

So I  started climbing,

To tell you,

A multitude came after me,

My sacks didn’t help either

Getting heavier and heavier

Threatening to make me fall

Not only fall,

Fall and crash,

But I didn’t care

I continued climbing

Moving forward

And stepping higher

Until I finally found happiness

Now, I’m up,

And I see the whole street,

The whole street called World

I see t clearly, without stress

And live like a King

I really only had to continue climbing

And make the sacks lighter

By ignoring all sorts of criticisms

And unfair remarks,

Just moving on,

Knowing I’ll get there one day

I only had to climb

To see the famous Street

And have it right in my palm

I only needed to climb,

Just like you really need to!!!


YOU! A Poem by Oluwdarasimi

Just the way rays of the sun

Brightens and lightens the day as well a the heart

So do you, my heart desire

Make me happy and gay

And the love I have for you

Goes beyond the rivers and oceans

Over the countless stars and moon

So that I never want to be a bidder

Although we both know its beautifully ugly

We won’t make it any more smudgy

Fugly or muddy

Rather,we’ll use the body

To make it lovely.

You know what that means. ;*

The Story of my Life A poem by Oluwadarasimi

The story of my life is insecurity

And confusion of me, the minority

Its not to be taken with levity

In fact, its getting to insanity

Hate to admit,I was the great fool

Trust me, that’s not really cool

All I know is I loved some cool dude

And all other hands became cold

Why did you all do this to me?

I’m confused, I don’t even have the key

To open and get back my D

My life and me

So into you, I forgot myself

Tears well up in my eyes, I hate myself

My heart bleeds and calls for help

I left myself like a book left the shelf

Why aren’t you here?

Cos you’re meant to hear

That my heart is no longer flying happily like a kite

Instead,its heavy with darkness like the night

But I’ll try with all my might

To make this darkness become white

Please bring my soul to your shinning light

Make it very fast and bright

Else, I’ll lose my sight

To the prolonged delay of light

Be my focus, please

And let all these storms finally cease.

The Girl Who Leaves A poem by Oluwadarasimi

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Beautiful Me A poem by Oluwadarasimi

I woke up today

With the sun shinning so bright in my face

I got curious and asked it

Why,Sun,do you shine so bright this morning

It replied,

“I speak to a beautiful fellow

Now tell me why I won’t shine so bright”

I blushed hard as I went over to the cloud

Who seemed so happy and gay

I asked,

Why do you seem so happy today?

It replied,

“I’m going to cause rain on a special someone  today;

A special someone who is standing right in front of me”.

I felt so special as i walked on

I went to the tree whose leaves were swaying merrily to and fro

I asked,

“Why do you swing your leaves so merrily today?”

It replied,

“Someone beautiful talks to me now;that makes me very merry”

I couldn’t hide my happiness as I walked on

Then I saw LOVE! What a pleasant surprise, I thought.

It looked happy, so i asked,

“What makes you so happy today?”

“I dwell in someone’s heart,

someone whose smile dissolves

every sadness and pain.

She smiles to me now.”

Of course, I was smiling to her.

“Awwnn!” I said as I hugged her  tightly.

Beautiful,Beautiful me, I said as I walked on

Beautiful me in my own way

Beautiful Dara Beautiful me

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